Launching the Prime Smart Systeme & Prime Smart Cabinets

Prime Compact Unit Dose System

Medication Safety for Clinic, Pharmacy and Care


Prime Vario Distribution trolley

The requirements for distribution trolleys in health care are manifold. In order to be optimally equipped for every application, our Prime Vario distribution trolley can be adapted exactly to individual wishes and requirements.

Request for Medicine Trolleys

The ideal medicine trolley for every retirement and nursing home. The different dimensions of the weekly systems result in a multitude of accommodation possibilities. For the proven small systems, there are always the corresponding system inserts in different sizes.
Ask here without obligation for your individually configured medicine trolley.

Prime Smart-Link Software

Together with our partner DIH PAMS we developed a unique and outstanding way of medication management for Hospitals. Prime Smart-Link is the perfect integration of Hospital Pharmacy automation, Ward and Operation Theater medication management in a single platform.
Prime Smart-Link integrates the Prime Compact Unit-dose systems with Prime Smart Cabinets for medication, controlled substances, and anesthesia carts. All connected to the HIS/Prescription-software with a closed-loop at the patient site.