Dispenser by Wiegand

Security through overview
Wiegand's medicine dispensers ensure the safety of medicine distribution. They can be labelled with the delivery periods and patient data and, as day dispensers, ensure safety in hospitals and homes. In addition, they make it easier for patients to take them. A patient's medication is sorted into different compartments, which are sorted by time of delivery.

The medicine dispensers are available in different sizes and subdivisions. The filled dispensers can be stored in a distribution tray or weekly tray and distributed to the patients.

Partition walls allow flexible subdivision of the large medicine dispensers. This also includes patients who receive medication up to twelve times a day. Practically all types of medicines can be dispensed - whether creams, syringes or liquid medicines in medicine cups.

Marking - Labels create organisation
A MediDispenser must be able to be clearly assigned to the patient. It is therefore advantageous to label these dispensers with delivery times or even with the respective prescriptions of the doctor. For various labels, Wiegand offers prefabricated Word forms that make it easier for you to fill them in on your computer.