Consumables for Fluidose

The consumables used in conjunction with Fluidose have been developed and extensively tested exclusively for use with MPI's Fluidose Series 5H to ensure that the medicine is not compromised during the packaging process.

The composition of the consumables, combined with the built-in low sealing temperature and residence time process, ensures that a secure, sealed and tamper-resistant unit dose package is created each time, which is easy to open when the medication is to be administered without affecting the oral fluid.

Fluidose Cup
  • Available in three colours (blue, red, yellow)
  • Available in three sizes (15 ml, 25 ml, 35 ml)
  • High density polyethylene cup (HDPE)

Fluidose Lid Foil
  • To close the Fluidose cup
  • High barrier lid

Fluidose Ribbon

Fluidose Syringes
  • Available in three sizes (10 ml, 20 ml, 30 ml)
  • Standard latex-free BD Luer-Lock type syringes

Fluidose Tubes
  • FDA tested disposable hoses
  • In two sizes (small, large)