IRIS - Compact Control System

IRIS is a compact table-top machine for checking medication pouches at a speed of 2,000 pouches per hour. It operates with full colour and near infra-red (NIR) image analysis based on 13 parameters. All images taken of the pouches are archived for easy retrieval in case of a complaint or question. A quality log is kept for process optimization. IRIS is easily implemented into the operation. The reference database can be easily built and kept up to date from production images. The compact size of IRIS allows it to be used in even the tiniest pouches packaging pharmacies. The IRIS can be used with a reel arm to handle bigger batches of pouches that are spooled on a reel.

  • Accurate error finding: IRIS uses advanced visual intelligence technologie. Using various parameters, IRIS meticulously analyses the contents of each medication pouch. Any errors are quickly identified on screen throuch color coding.
  • Detailed evidence of packaging: IRIS takes a photo each medication pouch. These photos are saved in a central storage, so that the can be easily retrieved if necessary.
  • Quality: IRIS has the lowest reported error rate. A risk of 1.33 pouches per million. Scientifically proven.
  • Plug and Play: IRIS is easily installed, implemented and taken into production. The reference image database is easily built straight from the beginning, straight from production pouches.
  • Effective and Efficient: IRIS approves up to 98% of the pouches automtically leaving very few pouches to be checked on screen.
  • Multiple interfaces: IRIS interfaces to most popular brands of pouch packaging machines.