PicoBLIST - Compact solutions for pharmacies

PicoBLIST is a small but smart solution for mechanical support of patient-specific blistering. It enables the production of highly flexible hose blisters at a manageable financial and technical cost. The separation of positions and packaging enables a compact, modular design, so that the elements can be easily integrated into existing pharmacy rooms.

Manual positioning and automatic blistering
The PicoBLIST system combines manual placing with automatic blistering. The high requirements of the pharmacy operating regulations were already taken into account during the design phase. PicoBLIST packs the medicines directly into the bag without contact with machine parts, funnels or additional drop paths. All parts are easily accessible and easy to clean. All necessary documents are of course included in the delivery.

Advantages - Advanced processes in a traditional pharmacy environment
Discover the advantages of patient-specific blistering for your pharmacy. With PicoBLIST 1000S you open up new markets, strengthen customer loyalty with existing customers and at the same time retain your independence.

Low investment costs and low technical expenditure
The acquisition costs for PicoBLIST are far below the costs for a large, fully automated blister machine. A conversion to tubular bag blistering is possible within a short time, without large initial investments or by outsourcing to a blister centre.

Acquisition of new customers through added value in drug supply
Not only nursing homes, but also outpatient nursing services and individual patients and their caring relatives can be a potential target group. The increase in sales through patient-specific blistering is also used to increase earnings through the use of PicoBLIST.  

Time saving and quality improvement through organized processes
The introduction of machine blistering automatically requires a review of your existing processes. Here the necessary blister QMS can be an opportunity to improve the processes in your pharmacy. A QMS that has been meaningfully implemented and actually "lived", which also fulfils further management requirements for pharmacy operations, can contribute to a continuous improvement in the economic situation of your pharmacy by improving customer satisfaction.

High flexibility in the fulfilment of customer requirements through tube blisters
In contrast to card blisters, tubular blisters do not have a rigid time of collection. Depending on the prescription or the patient's wishes, any package is possible for solid oral blisters.  

Therapy adherence with the help of the Pico App
As an additional smart service, the patient's time of use can be reported by using the PicoApp on a smartphone - an additional benefit for therapy adherence, for outpatient nursing services, individual patients and also for vital nursing home residents.