Establishment of the first Prime Compact

Blieskastel 16.05.2018
Black & Shepard installed the first Prime Compact Unit-dose system at the Rats Apotheke Blieskastel

The first new Prime Compact Unit-dose system is installed and going live in the German market of Pharmacy automation.

Miss Jacquline Haas, Owner of the Rats-Apothekein Blieskastel:

"We are happy to use the Prime Compact Unit-dose machine now. Thanks to its compact design, innovative functions such as the FSP system, easy cleaning and easy operation, this machine is perfectly tailored to our needs. We look forward to serving our customers with the Prime Compact and Fluidose System in the future. "

Thus, not only does Mrs Hass rely on Black & Shepard's innovative new unit-dose system, but also on the Fluidose liquid unit-dose System, which she offers to her customers as a special service.